Monday, April 4, 2016

Brownsville Girls Collaborative Retreat!

On March 11th, the ladies of the Brownsville Girls Collaborative ventured to Huguenot, New York for their annul Sisterhood Retreat. Mother Nature granted us with warm temperatures, clear blue skies and fresh crisp air, the perfect elements for team building and sisterly relations. The ladies had an opportunity to engage in many team building activities, a low ropes confidence course and some even mustered up the courage to brave the rock climbing wall. 

In addition to all of the team building activities, a major highlight of the trip was watching each young lady complete their first phase of RITES of Passage. The ladies are officially in the caterpillar stage of their sisterhood journey which represents new birth, and new foundations. It is also a symbol of good luck in the early phase of new actions. The Brownsville Girls Collaborative participants definitely had an amazing time bonding, gaining new experiences and growing as young women leaders! Please enjoy all of the pictures from the weekend festivities.

Everybody say cheese The Brownsville Girls Collaborative takes one big group picture before take off.

Cool Cabin Vibes

Our first activity of the night was a camp fire and s'more making.

Sisterly Bonding

Brownsville Sisters Keepers ended the night with an official induction into the program. Congratulation ladies on completing your first phase of Rites of Passage. 

Amazing Morning Views, right outside of our cabin!


Rocky Top is the name of our cabin!

We're up bright & early for breakfast at the dining cabin.

The ladies are taking a group pic before the fun begins

Look at my dab.

Lizzie, Lisa & Keyani.

Hi Krystal! Our facilitator for the day is giving us a run down of all the cool activities we will be engaging in.

Our first team building activity of the day. We engaged in a fun brainteaser called 13 steps. This game really challenged our girls to work together through listening, paying attention  and extreme teamwork.

Team work makes the dream work!

Success! Together, the girls figured out the maze. 

In this activity, the girls were challenged to work together. One group could "hear", but not "see" and the other could  "see" but not "hear". They had to work together to lead one team member to the goldmine. 

Thinking of a master plan on how to execute this activity.

This game of Dragon Tails, a rendition of capture the flag, was super intense!

Our last team builder of the day, which focused on team work, communication and trust. Our leaders did an amazing job!

In the low rope confidence course, the girls learned the essence of  teamwork and truly supporting your sister.

''Spotters are you ready?"...In this picture, the BGC are in position to spot for their team member as they take on the challenge of making it across the low ropes. 

Our leaders preparing to climb.

Get ready, get set, CLIMB!

Victory Pose!

One of the leaders working hard to make it to the top of the rock!

Even one of our staff members took a jab at it. Go Ashley!

And now were exhausted from our full day of activities!

Until next time Huguenot. Thanks for an amazing stay!

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