Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Legal Hand Holds NYCHA Day and Celebrates Over 200 Residents Served!!

Legal Hand is a legal resource center located here in Brownsville at 519 Rockaway Ave. Legal Hand seeks to assist residents with various legal issues they may be facing, ranging from public assistance to immigration. One major legal concern that Legal Hand volunteers encounter everyday are housing issues, specifically residing in NYCHA housing.  On March 16th, Legal Hand Brownsville held NYCHA Day. NYCHA day, in collaboration with The Legal Aid Society, allowed residents to meet face to face with NYCHA representatives and Legal Aid advocates to get answers and assistance with any problems they may be currently facing. Legal Hand Volunteers continued to conduct outreach informing residents about he event and bringing them in to receive the information they needed. When residents left, they expressed their gratitude for bringing resources and events like NYCHA Day into the community. A big thank you to The Legal Aid Society for being present and ready to assist residents with their questions or concerns. Also, a big thank you to NYCHA representatives from Tilden, Seth Low, and Unity Plaza for also being in attendance at this event. Please stay tuned for upcoming Legal Hand events coming soon!!

Legal Hand Volunteers ready to help residents in the Brownsville community!
 To date, Legal Hand volunteers have helped over 200 residents receive assistance and referrals to services and/or resources they needed to help them avoid further legal proceedings. With approximately 15 volunteers offering at least three hours of service each week, we have been able to provide residence with information that helps them to become empowered! Kudos to our volunteers for their undying effort to make Legal Hand a success and a strong contribution to Brownsville!
Legal Hand Volunteers and Legal Advocates from The Legal Aid Society assisting residents with completing documents and received important information.

Legal Hand volunteer, Eric Pritchard, assisting a resident with completing documents. 


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