Thursday, June 9, 2016

Justice Community PLUS Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy Gear’d up and ready for this Work!

As the Justice Community Plus (JCP) program comes to a close, Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights participants are armed with the work readiness skills needed for their internships and future jobs...and have to gear to show it!

Our JCP Participant Cody is ready to handle business!
Throughout the six month course of JCP, participants get to meet, learn, and grow together through classes and workshops focusing on their communities, employment, and various other pro social topics and skills.  However, during the second phase of JCP, there’s a heavy focus on work readiness skills and activities to prepare our young people to successfully venture out into the workforce. 

Participants got the opportunity to visit the organization Career Gear and receive free professional clothing for interviewing and other related employment usage.
Over the course of two months, JCP participants have explored and participated in workshops to introduce and expand skills sets in goal setting, resume preparation, mock interviewing, and work place etiquette.   Each participant worked individually as well as collectively to build on their skills to get themselves ready for their internship phase.  
And like the old saying goes, once you know the part, it’s time to look the part….

It looks like our young people are Gear’d up to tackle their futures!

Special thank you to Career Gear and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights for their support and participation!