Thursday, September 29, 2016

BLP where YOUTH succeeds with optimism and unity!

The Brownsville Leadership Project hosted an action packed spirit week to kick off Fall 2016 programming. Spirit week consisted of an open house on Monday 9/26, game night on 9/27 and movie night on 9/28. Brownsville residents enjoyed refreshments and fun while learning about Brownsville Community Justice Center's mission and program opportunities. Eligible participants were able to sign up for our music, visual arts, and community benefits internships. The main goal of spirit week was to promote a sense of community across the entire Brownsville neighborhood. Check out some of the highlights below!
Spirit Week flyer created by the talented Nick Pilarski

Felicia Henry enrolling a participant in the Brownsville Youth Court. 

Archie and Marquis planning out visuals for Sounds of Brownsville during open house.

Liz and Jocelyn play Mancala during Game Night at Howard Houses.


Diamond Davis showing us the latest snapchat filter!

Ashley Johnson and youth participants play 2K

Movie Night at Howard

Thank  you to everyone who made spirit week a success. Special thanks to Irijah Stennett , Jason Higgins, and Erica Mateo for allowing us to utilize space for the different events. Big shout out to Felicia Henry and Tiara McLaughlin for coordinating BLP's spirit week.

Girls just want to have FUN!

The Brownsville Girls Collaborative is an intensive leadership development program for youth girls ages 15-18 & 19-24. The program focuses on holistic empowerment of the mind, body & soul. Through this program, youth girls have access to paid internships, mentorship, academic support and leadership development opportunities. In September, BCJC decided to host a week long mobile Girls on the Go series in an effort to engage more young ladies in programming. Girls on the Go  presented a mini snapshot of sisterhood circles in Van Dyke, Tilden, Marcus Garvey and Howard community centers.  Check out some of the highlights below!

Jasmine Bowie giving overview of Girls on the Go's mission .

Young ladies at Howard discussing what makes them magical. 
BCJC participant explaining why sisterhood is so important.

At the end of the week we hosted an orientation for young ladies who previously applied for BGC as well as those who were interested in applying. The orientation was packed with young ladies from various parts of the neighborhood who were both eager and nervous to begin this new journey. During orientation we discussed rites of passage, sisterhood and the mission/expectations of Brownsville Girls Collaborative. The young ladies also able met with the teaching artists from the dj and digital media internships.

Young ladies filling out applications for BGC 2016-2017 cohort.

Girls on the go was a successful week and we look forward to the retreat on October 22nd! BCJC would like to thank everyone who made Girls on the Go a success and a special thank you to Ms. Angela Johnson (Van Dyke), Althea Hickson (Tilden), Erica Mateo (Marcus Garvey Clubhouse), Irijah Stennett and Jason Higgins (Howard Houses). For more information on Brownsville Girls Collaborative please reach out to Tiara McLaughlin at 347-325-1795 or 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Brownsville Leadership Project Summer Institute

All Summer 16

Brownsville Leadership Project's Summer Institute engaged 40 participants in a 6 week intensive centered around team-building workshops and internships. The workshops covered youth activism, political education, violence, relationships, and community organizing. BCJC partnered up with Dance Theater Etc. to provide internships such as dance, videography, music and media.

BCJC Participants Adrian and Shamaeul edit their PSA's with help from Erin from Dance Theater Etc.

Participants tackle the first ice breaker on Day 1!

Participants work on their skits for the live performance!
"So you think you can dance"? Participants in the dance internship review different techniques for their concept video.

Participants admiring artwork at the Brooklyn Museum. Hello Felicia say cheese!

Sounds of Brownsville participants laying down tracks in the studio.

Graduation Day!

Summer Institute graduation was held on Thursday August 11,2016 at 3 Black Cats Café. Participants were able to perform and debut the projects they worked on all summer. Graduation also included special surprises and awards for those who went above and beyond throughout the entire summer. A few tears were shed as we bid adieu to our intern Donessia Sandy and Youth and Community Programs Coordinator Elisa 'Beth Bernard. BCJC wishes them great luck in all of their future endeavors.

BCJC is now accepting applications for fall programming. For more information please contact Tiara McLaughlin at or 347-325-1795.

"The Pop Out"

On Thursday September 1st, 2016 the Brownsville Community Justice Center's music group Sounds of Brownsville collaborated with some of NYC's top streetwear brands to host a back to school pop-up shop titled "The Pop-Out." The event took place at 3 Black Cats Café, a new local business that "doubles as a community center" and café. The event included school supply giveaways, raffle tickets, shopping, refreshments and networking.  The Pop-Out ended with the debut of the latest two Sounds of Brownsville music videos as well as a live performance from BCJC participants. Check out some highlights of the event below!

JahBass and Orie-Yo on set of their music video with Director Sage.
Space Rich prepping their table.
Participants designing the dessert table.

Michael Cherry's clothing was in attendance.

Paint Soul was also in attendance.


"Racks on racks on racks"

Delicious treats from 3 Black Cats
Trinity and Angelica sporting their matching tee's that they purchased at "The Pop-Out."

BCJC would like to thank everyone who made the event a success! A special thank you to

Grateful Good |  Space Rich | Paint Soul | Roc Steady | Michael Cherry | Bridge Boise | Hot Bread | Boss Lyfe | Peggy Ekong | Laura Christie | Boomtown Management | Sage English Visuals | Culture Peoples | JahBass | Orie Yo

For more information regarding Sounds of Brownsville please contact Tiara McLaughlin at

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The Brownsville Community Justice Center's
Sounds of Brownsville music program was recently given the opportunity to collaborate with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice to create an anti violence EP that offered youth perspective and input on reducing violence in the community of Brownsville. The EP featured five songs which included both singers and rappers. Each song was written by SOB participants and featured original beats. During the project participants of SOB were given the opportunity to record their final tracks at a professional recording studio in Manhattan, NY.

SOB participant Jahmein Williford (Jah Bass) practices some engineering techniques during the recording session. 

Sounds of Brownsville members show off some untapped talents.

Participants presented the project at the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. MOCJ staff sat down and listened to the final recordings that would be featured on the EP and gave some positive feedback.

Participants meet and discuss a featured song.

The EP release party kicked off on July 14th, 2016 at the Belmont Plaza in Brownsville. Youth were surprised with gift bags filled with SOB face towels, headphones, key chains and the final EP.  SOB artists entered the Belmont Plaza on a red carpet greeted by security. Guests enjoyed performances and special greetings from staff at the Mayor's office of Criminal Justice. The participants were celebrated in style with an open juice bar, yummy appetizers, and white couches in the VIP section.

Belmont Plaza with a few embellishments.
Two Sounds of Brownsville Artist Saquan (middle) Jahmein (Right) entering the release party.

Launch party open juice bar as servers pose.

Sounds of Brownsville's EP was entitled "Real In the Ville". Songs featured include: The Best, Get It Together, Stronger, Need Somebody and Kings and Queens. In addition to a few songs being performed, the release party also featured some performances by new Sounds of Brownsville artist and participants from the Brownsville Leadership Project.

                                               SOB's Live Performance

The artists of Sounds of Brownsville were truly celebrated. The occasion really highlighted how hard they worked and the talent they all possess. We are extremely proud and look forward to many more exciting releases from the Sounds of Brownsville participants! Check out the Sounds of Brownsville soundcloud to hear the whole EP!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Justice Community PLUS Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy Gear’d up and ready for this Work!

As the Justice Community Plus (JCP) program comes to a close, Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights participants are armed with the work readiness skills needed for their internships and future jobs...and have to gear to show it!

Our JCP Participant Cody is ready to handle business!
Throughout the six month course of JCP, participants get to meet, learn, and grow together through classes and workshops focusing on their communities, employment, and various other pro social topics and skills.  However, during the second phase of JCP, there’s a heavy focus on work readiness skills and activities to prepare our young people to successfully venture out into the workforce. 

Participants got the opportunity to visit the organization Career Gear and receive free professional clothing for interviewing and other related employment usage.
Over the course of two months, JCP participants have explored and participated in workshops to introduce and expand skills sets in goal setting, resume preparation, mock interviewing, and work place etiquette.   Each participant worked individually as well as collectively to build on their skills to get themselves ready for their internship phase.  
And like the old saying goes, once you know the part, it’s time to look the part….

It looks like our young people are Gear’d up to tackle their futures!

Special thank you to Career Gear and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights for their support and participation!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brownsville Youth Court Blazes The Path For Restorative Justice In Brownsville!

This past week, the Brownsville Youth Court began blazing the path for restorative justice practices in Brownsville! The Youth Court, comprised of 11 young people between the ages of 14 and 18, conducted community circles at Van Dyke Community Center and Langston Hughes Community Center. The Youth Court facilitated these circles with middle school youth, during after-school programming at each community center.

                     Youth Court members and youth at Van Dyke in the circle process!

The Youth Court members introduced the concept of circle practice to their younger participants, explaining that this is a space where one person speaks at a time, honestly and openly, while everyone else listens respectfully. Each person brings their own unique sense of self and experiences to the circle, contributing in their own way to the group’s shared truth. They explained how the talking piece goes around the circle, the guidelines for the conversation, and introduced their own individual opening and closing ceremonies to open and close the space. As the discussions unfolded, participants shared their hopes, dreams and fears for their own individual futures and the future of Brownsville. 

    Youth Court members and youth at Langston Hughes participate in a circle activity.

The extensive Restorative Practice training that the Youth Court members completed was evident based on their abilities to keep the attention of the participants and to encourage them to speak freely, setting the example by respecting each other and speaking freely themselves. These discussions set the bar high for restorative practices in Brownsville and demonstrated that simple communication and conversation with youth in our community can lead to powerful youth-led community change in Brownsville! 

   Youth Court members and participants closing a circle at Langston Hughes!