Sunday, October 25, 2015

Be On Belmont

The Belmont Revitalization Project (The Project) is encouraging all Brownsville residents to Be On Belmont. 

Since its launch in 2014, the Belmont Revitalization Project has pushed forward revitalization on the corridor. Through consistent clean-up efforts, beautification projects and place-making activities, Belmont is beginning to regain the nostalgia it once had long ago. The Project has been working with city agencies, like the Department of Transportation and Small Business Services to improve and promote positive pedestrian activity and small business resources.

In collaboration with Department of Transportation and Small Business Services, The Justice Center hosted a series of street festivals once a month over 3 months. The "Be On Belmont" street festivals ran along Belmont Avenue between Rockaway Avenue and Watkins Street. The goals of the "Be On Belmont" street festivals were to help community residents re-imagine safe and pro-social activities possible along the corridor while simultaneously driving foot traffic to the businesses. 

The street festivals featured live performances, food, interactive cooking demonstrations, face painting, inflatable obstacle courses, resource information and much more and all free to the community. 

The Street Festivals engaged over 700 community residents over throughout the summer and fall months (Aug-Oct). Check out some highlights:

Giant Chess Set drew interest. 

Cooking Demonstration the Melting Pot. The chef made some delicious chili. 

Community Partner, The Brownsville Partnership, building tree pits and side walk seating.

3 Black Cats Cafe provided cupcake decorating demonstrations. 

Row of tents filled with different resources and activities.

Face and Body Art by Watoto Entertainment

DJ Fauzi kept the community dancing. 

Street Art

Brownsville Youth dancing on stage. 

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