Sunday, October 25, 2015


When individuals mention Brownsville, their first thoughts might race towards violent crime and poverty. But, Brownsville is more than that. Brownsville is a growing community that is banning together to make their vibrant voices, ideas, and aspirations heard. 

Vacant lot before the construction of MGB Pops 
One way that Brownsville Justice Community is helping residents of Brownsville in uplifting the community is through the construction of innovative businesses, such as pop-up marketplaces. Brownsville Justice Community worked in collaboration with Community Solutions’ Brownsville Partnership, Ocean Hill Brownsville Neighborhood Improvement Association, and New York City’s Economic Development Corporation in the creation of MBG POPS, a seasonal pop-up marketplace that is located at 425 Mother Gaston Blvd.

The Grand Opening of the MGB Pops Lot
Placing contemporary vendors in the center of one of the most prominent streets in Brownsville goes far beyond improving local business attraction and profit making. MGB POPS is a pivotal example of what can be generated when investment and hope is combined with inspiration and community. This marketplace, holds as a positive example for all community members by showing that everyone has the potential to create their own business. MGB POPS is a place where they can share their talents, artistry, and passion.

Participants of the Brownsville Justice Community have assisted in the construction of MGB POPS while learning new hand-ons on skills. They are also further enhancing their entrepreneurship and employment skills by working with the Made In Brownsville vending booth that sells the t-shirts they inspired and helped to designed. 

Participants and with Quardean Lewis, Founder and Principle Designer, Made In Brownsville.

Made in Brownsville (MiB) Vending Booth

Participants also create positive influences by being visible and interacting with local community members, especially other local youth. Participants can recruit local youth to obtain employment and assist them in learning similar management and business skills. Increasing employment skills will then allow individuals to become more competitive in the workforce as they continue on their path towards their desired career.

The MGB Pops mural Justice Community Participants helped to paint.

Having a venue where a wide range of individuals can get together in one place allows for a great opportunity to network, and create connections that might be useful in the future. Since it is a seasonal marketplace, this also allows for a variety of new vendors and shoppers each year. The presence of new vendors will enhance the diversity of connections that can be established. Vendors and shoppers will be more likely to expand their presence into the community and gather in other positive spaces, such as in parks or plazas after becoming more connected through the marketplace. MBG POPS is also a great location where adults and youth can come together in a positive environment to share their ideas and skills. Getting adults to support youth and vice versa makes an even greater impact in uplifting the community by getting more individuals engaged and involved with change.

MGB POPS seeks to be an inspiration to create future marketplaces and lively venues where community residents can come together to have fun and create long lasting memories. Preserving the collaboration between community members and local agencies will help ensure that such projects and the value of Brownsville continues to prosper.

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