Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The Brownsville Community Justice Center's
Sounds of Brownsville music program was recently given the opportunity to collaborate with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice to create an anti violence EP that offered youth perspective and input on reducing violence in the community of Brownsville. The EP featured five songs which included both singers and rappers. Each song was written by SOB participants and featured original beats. During the project participants of SOB were given the opportunity to record their final tracks at a professional recording studio in Manhattan, NY.

SOB participant Jahmein Williford (Jah Bass) practices some engineering techniques during the recording session. 

Sounds of Brownsville members show off some untapped talents.

Participants presented the project at the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. MOCJ staff sat down and listened to the final recordings that would be featured on the EP and gave some positive feedback.

Participants meet and discuss a featured song.

The EP release party kicked off on July 14th, 2016 at the Belmont Plaza in Brownsville. Youth were surprised with gift bags filled with SOB face towels, headphones, key chains and the final EP.  SOB artists entered the Belmont Plaza on a red carpet greeted by security. Guests enjoyed performances and special greetings from staff at the Mayor's office of Criminal Justice. The participants were celebrated in style with an open juice bar, yummy appetizers, and white couches in the VIP section.

Belmont Plaza with a few embellishments.
Two Sounds of Brownsville Artist Saquan (middle) Jahmein (Right) entering the release party.

Launch party open juice bar as servers pose.

Sounds of Brownsville's EP was entitled "Real In the Ville". Songs featured include: The Best, Get It Together, Stronger, Need Somebody and Kings and Queens. In addition to a few songs being performed, the release party also featured some performances by new Sounds of Brownsville artist and participants from the Brownsville Leadership Project.

                                               SOB's Live Performance

The artists of Sounds of Brownsville were truly celebrated. The occasion really highlighted how hard they worked and the talent they all possess. We are extremely proud and look forward to many more exciting releases from the Sounds of Brownsville participants! Check out the Sounds of Brownsville soundcloud to hear the whole EP!!