Monday, February 1, 2016


The College Tour Series at the Brownsville Community Justice Center Continued this December at Delaware State University! By 7am leaders were geared up and ready for an exciting bus ride to Delaware. This is the Justice Center's first of the series outside of the Tristate area, and the very first
Leaders first walked the campus and were granted the opportunity to view new constructions, and a phenomenal Greek yard! As the day progressed, our leaders got the true college experience by dining at Delaware State's main cafe! They enjoyed all you can eat brunch, desserts, and more. More importantly, they were given a VIP tour of HBCU visit, which included the campus classrooms, lecture halls, and dormitories.

By far, visiting Delaware's single dorm rooms was our leaders favorite, and seemed to be an additional motivator to getting a higher education.

Leaders touring one of Delaware State's lecture halls. Here they were given the opportunity to sit in classrooms and lecture halls.

Youth Outside at Delaware State. Exploring the campus and getting ready to be shown the Greek yard.

 Some of our leaders dining campus life style at Delaware's main cafeteria.

 The College Tour Series will pick up again after the holidays. After visiting Delaware, Brownsville leaders are interested in visiting more out of state colleges/universities like Kentucky, UConn, and Miami! Although we may not get as far as Kentucky or Miami, there are still quite a few schools on the bucket list to visit. The BLP College Tour Series continues to motivate and inspire our leaders to work hard, so that they can one day make these visits their reality.

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