Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brownsville Justice Community Program's Young Adult Entrepreneurship Program

Brownsville's Young Adult Entrepreneurship Program has made some amazing strides and were recently published on Jay Corcoran's blog (Jay is Associate Director of the Career Management Library and New Media Center at Columbia University).

Not only were they published, but Columbia University produced a short film on their experience.

CMC Lion's Lab and Brownsville Pitch Event from Jay Corcoran on Vimeo.

Many of these participants have benefited from supports across our programs and departments, and their bravery to try this "business stuff" out is a testament to what a great support system can provide our young people.  All of the participants in this film have gone on to do amazing things (from internships, fund raising, full time employment, college acceptance, continued education, and more).

They are dope and Brownsville is proud of them.  Check out Jay's blog post here.

Brownsville Entrepreneurs Practice Their Startup Pitch from Jay Corcoran on Vimeo.

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