Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Brownsville Anti-Violence Project launches the Changing the Narrative Tour

The Brownsville Anti-Violence Project (BAVP) is on tour! Working together with community stakeholders, the BAVP has launched the Arts against Violence: Changing the Narrative of Brownsville Tour and art competition. The Changing the Narrative Tour is a 7-stop open discussion and art-making session in Brownsville schools and community spaces. At each “tour date” young people and the community ask “what are the effects of gun and gang violence on my community?”, “what can I do to help?” And, “what does a better Brownsville look like?”. The BAVP has made 3 stops in the month of June: (1) the Brownsville Youth Court, (2) a joint date with Teacher Preparatory High School and Frederick Douglas Academy, and (3) Mott Hall Bridges Academy Junior High School. So far, the Changing the Narrative Tour has reached over 120 youth who live or go to school in Brownsville.
Young men from the Brownsville Justice Community Program came to help out!  

Accompanying the BAVP on tour is Ralph Perez, artist and Executive Director of X-Mental, Inc.  Ralph brings the conversation to life on canvas as each group discussion evolves. After the discussion, attendees break into smaller groups at work stations. At the stations are prompts and supplies for everyone to begin crafting their best BAVP logos, slogans and freelance images. Each station is also given the chance to add their flare and paint the canvas inspired by the group discussion.

At the Brownsville Youth Court tour date, Ralph Perez of X-Mental, Inc teaches young people painting technique!

The best of the tour date canvases and individual submissions will be displayed at the Changing the Narrative gallery event in Van Dyke Community Center on September 14, 2013. At the gallery event, stakeholders will get the chance to vote on submissions. Submissions with the most votes will win prizes and inspire an outdoor community mural!  
At Frederick Douglas Academy and Teacher Preparatory High School young people add some color to their group canvas!

Everyone can play a part in Changing the Narrative! If you miss the BAVP on tour or a BAVP event you can still create artwork to be displayed at the art gallery event and for the art competition! The deadline for independent submissions is August 2, 2013.
Don’t despair! There are more stops on the Changing the Narrative tour! The BAVP will be heading to ROADS Charter School and Aspirations Diploma Plus High School for a joint date, Van Dyke Community Center and two additional community spaces.  
Stay tuned for more Changing the Narrative event information! For up-to-the-minute BAVP updates and great action photos follow the BAVP on instagram: @antiviolenceproject!

Mott Hall Bridge Academy scholars pay close attention to conversation prompts!

Kayin Latson, BAVP Staff, leads the discussion at the Frederick Douglas Academy and Teachers Preparatory High School joint tour date!

Mott Hall Bridge Academy working on their group canvas!

Ralph Perez of X-Mental at work during the group discussion at the Frederick Douglas Academy and Teachers Preparatory High School joint tour date!

Brownsville Youth Court puts the finishing touches on their canvas!

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