Friday, August 17, 2012

Alley Pond Park Adventure Course

On August 11, 2012, Brownsville Youth Court members, in conjunction with the Greenpoint Youth Court, took a trip to the Alley Pond Park Adventure Course to participate in team building and leadership exercises. Members challenged themselves and worked together to problem solve and accomplish a shared goal. The day was filled with challenging activities that were both fun and empowering to the Youth Court members. Some of the highlights are showcased in the pictures below.

Brownsville Youth Court Members get ready for a day of excitement and adventure at Alley Pond Park Adventure Course.
 One of the activities required the group to get each member over the log, which was raised 7 feet off the ground. The members practiced trust falls and how to support each other before starting the activity. On the way up, Christal was happy and excited, but was a little nervous to come down

As 3 court members managed to get up the 40 foot pole, they ran into trouble as the fourth member attempted to join them on the platform. However, that did not stop these adventurous young people from completing the task!

Here the members are supporting one another on the tight rope. As two Greenpoint Youth Court members rely on each other to begin the activity, they receive support from fellow Brownsville Youth Court members to get to the finish.

Brownsville Youth Court members, Christal and Tynesia, try to hold on and balance each other on the tight rope. Half-way to the finish!

Brownsville Youth Court and Greenpoint Youth Court had a day full of fun and
 adventure at Alley Pond Park.

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