Thursday, July 26, 2012

Groundswell Mural Design

This past Tuesday afternoon, I joined other Justice Center staff and community members in a classroom at PS/IS 323 in Brownsville to listen and watch the participants in Groundswell's making His'tory project present their mural design. This all-male group has spent the past month researching their topic and crafting a design grounded in their own experiences as young men living in this neighborhood, but one that is relevant for the all.

The group surprised me and I think they surprised themselves by creating an image that embraces the past, present, and future, invites reflection, and suggests continually changing possibilities and reinvention.   I won't ruin the surprise, but stay tuned, and keep your eyes on developments at the site at 512 Rockaway Avenue for an amazing piece of public art for the entire community.

-Benjamin Smith, Program Coordinator

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  1. Thanks Benjamin! For process shots from Making His'tory as well as from our other six summer projects, visit our tumblr blog. It is run by Youth Media Council representatives from each project site: